Our Story


4KIX is a US-based unique accessories brand for footwear that aims to inspire fun, spread happiness, and celebrate diversity in all those who wear it.

Our mission is to become a generational celebration of identity and self expression, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity. In short, we deliver the party, you provide the shine!

Inspired by pop culture, street fashion, empathy, and emoji culture, we've created a whimsical product that constantly reinvents the look of any lace up or velcro closure shoe bringing you a mindful accessory with the quality and flair of high fashion, at a democratic price point. We intend to deliver magic, create connections, and celebrate individuality through fashion, flair, and fun.

As we progress, our aim is to continue to innovate with new, refreshing products, so watch this space!


About Our Founder

The brand is founded by Nadine Hallak, a British-Lebanese citizen who currently resides between the US and the UK and comes from a PR & Marketing background. While pursuing a life/health coaching certification, Nadine began to play with crafts as a means of stress relief. There she found her true passion in using art and design as a means of positive empowerment for herself and others. 4KiX was born out of an effort to combine the two. 

The brand name is both a combination of the product’s function, as well as having personal significance to the founder. The number 4 represents Nadine’s immediate family comprised of four members, while KiX is a play on the expression “just for kicks” which holds the double meaning “just for fun” as well as being a synonym for the word sneakers.