Are You Ready for this New Fashion Moment?

Are You Ready for this New Fashion Moment?

Self-expression is our connection to the outside world. It’s how we communicate who we are and engage with others. There’s no shortage of tools at our disposal for expressing ourselves. One of the most notable, but overlooked methods is our personal style. We are literally a walking canvas to display a fashion that reflects our character. Fashion is a living, breathing, constantly evolving art form because our bodies are the outlet. We have the ability to use it as our own form of creative expression. Whether we make that statement boldly or more delicately is our choice, because there are no rules when it comes to self-expression (or at least there shouldn’t be). 

For a long time, the world of fashion has been shrouded by “shoulds,” promoting preconceived standards we should all be aiming for. If we don’t fit those ideals for one reason or another, we end up feeling like we don’t belong. It’s only recently that we’re seeing a real shift in this mindset, making room to truly embrace and celebrate all versions of individuality. 

This is why I started 4KiX, a unique and innovative accessories brand for footwear and more. The aim is to celebrate individuality through creative expression using novel products to inspire fun and invite playfulness, encouraging you to assert who you are, and shine even brighter. For us, personal style goes beyond making a fashion statement. It’s about making a personal creative statement. Our goal in doing so is to foster a sense of belonging, community and inclusivity. 

Some people might think that’s a lot of weight to put behind an accessory, but if you think about it, fashion has been used to represent all kinds of movements. Dating all the way back to the Suffragettes, who used fashion to further their cause, to more modern examples like Lady Gaga’s meat dress and GUCCI’s 2020 pro-choice cruise collection. Design isn’t just about selling things, it’s also about representing change, and most importantly, comunicating pieces of ourselves to the outside world.

Enter the shoe charm. The demand for personalizing every aspect of our wardrobe has been rising steadily for quite a while now, especially in footwear. At 4KiX, we’ve innovated a shoe charm that can attach easily to any footwear with laces or straps as well as to flip flops. Our unique ring base made from eco-friendly silicone is easy to put on and take off, and revitalizes any outfit with fun, pop culture-inspired charms. Similar to jewelry, our “shoelery” is also stackable, so you can pile on the charms or keep it simple with just one or two. There are no rules! We even have an “I’m Speaking” custom speech bubble that you can write on to express what you’d like to say, as well as a custom sun charm to represent the sense of hope and new horizons that we all need coming out of this pandemic. 


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